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Member Master plugin logos from Fiverr

About a year ago I purchased a PLR WordPress membership plugin. PLR stands for private label rights, and it gave me the ability to sell the software on my own. As you might expect, the software wasn’t top notch, so I redesigned it and started selling it on my WordPress Membership University site. It’s been […]

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Thoughts on croud-sourced logo design

Thoughts on croud-sourced logo design

The following fragments come from a conversation with a client who was using 99designs to produce a logo for her website. I thought they would be useful and instructive. Hopefully my designer friends will chime in and tell me if my advice was sensible, but the most important part in my view was the opportunity […]

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Framing or branding?

Framing or branding?

Having worked for two large ad agencies, I’ve heard an earful about branding. I’ve even read some books about it, and the only sure conclusion I can draw about what branding “is” is that everyone has his own opinion. It’s a bit like asking someone to describe what salt tastes like. Everyone has an idea, […]

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