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Member Master plugin logos from Fiverr

About a year ago I purchased a PLR WordPress membership plugin. PLR stands for private label rights, and it gave me the ability to sell the software on my own. As you might expect, the software wasn’t top notch, so I redesigned it and started selling it on my WordPress Membership University site. It’s been […]

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Spend $2000 on Kindle Books

Over the years I’ve ended up following a lot of different internet marketing “experts”. In many cases I’ve learned a lot just by watching the way they launch their products. In a few cases I have gone so far as to purchase some of their products. Overall my success and platform for growth have improved. […]

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How many years of experience do you have?

I’m currently working my way through a great book, Speed of Trust. I discovered the book thanks to a comment made by John Hinshaw in a meeting I attended a few months ago, so I picked up a copy. In the book, Stephen M. R. Covey identifies what he calls the four cores of trust. […]

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Fail Fast to Succeed

The Google Graveyard and Microsoft Morgue caught my eye today. They’re pinterest boards that highlight a handful of products or services in which Google and Microsoft invested, but eventually cancelled. At fist glance, it may look like a poster from, but if you look closer you’ll find a real key to success in business. […]

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How to make Running Shoes pay the Mortgage

Back in 2008 I was feverishly trying to turn a few small websites of mine into something more than just a waste of time. I had invested as many as seven years into some of them. I worked through countless iterations. I change features and logos and colors and anything else that I could think […]

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HTML5 Video for WordPress

UPDATE [9/1/2011]: This plugin is now available for download. Get details and training at I’ve built a lot of membership websites in WordPress, and perhaps the most frustrating part is getting the video right. Video is one of the key components to communicating with your members. In fact, video should be used throughout the […]

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Email list segmentation

As marketer I’ve grown in my appreciation for the value of segmenting the contacts that are added to my email lists. In fact, just last week I created a very sophisticated email list segmentation framework for MemberWing to ensure that my membership websites can accommodate the sales funnel and user customization that I know will […]

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iContact, integrated email and survey service

[UPDATE: read below to get free software] I recently developed a tool to increase the optin rate on my websites (and for my clients). During development I got to work with nearly all of the major email service providers. While many of them are very strong and offer some clever tools to make marketers more […]

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The Good Earth

Pearl S. Buck wrote of a young man Wang Lung, a pre-revolutionary Chinese farmer.  The story begins on his wedding day, but unlike the opulent weddings that our prosperous culture is accustomed to, he woke in a three room stone house where he lived with his aging father.  A small curtain separated his bed from the rest of […]

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Optincrusher installation and customization webcast

I recently released some software to all my subscribers. It’s an optin footer that greatly increases the optin rate for your website. In order to help people get maximum benefit from the footer, I held a webcast and installed it for a few websites, including customizations to make it fit with the website. The reason […]

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