How to use WordPress 2.9 [simple]

How to use WordPress 2.9 [simple]

I’ve had a few clients ask me for a very simple tutorial about creating a new post in WordPress 2.9. After telling them to just head over to YouTube and follow the videos there, I finally went myself and looked for a few tutorials to send along as links.

I searched for “wordpress 2.9 video tutorials” and to my great surprise I couldn’t find a good video tutorial. I found videos talking about new features in WordPress 2.9, and I found some that talked about plugins for WordPress 2.9, but none that just showed someone how to post to their blog.

SEO can be a funny thing, because I highly doubt that there aren’t any good video tutorials out there. For whatever reason I just couldn’t find them. So I went ahead and made a short video showing the basics of posting to a WordPress 2.9 blog. Since I love MemberWing I went to the trouble of showing how to include paid vs. premium content in a blog post.  Have a look below (it’s HD, so you can make it full screen and easily see all the details).

By the way, in WordPress 2.9, all I had to do to embed that video was paste the YouTube link (that’s amazing). In all my years developing software I haven’t many tools that meet the need like WordPress does. Hopefully this short tutorial video will get you on your way.

If you know of other tutorials or have questions, post them as comments below. I read read every comment.

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