How To Create An Autoresponder Email Sequence That Converts

An autoresponder series is a great way to deliver relevant content to new subscribers. These series typically include a number of emails that are automatically sent over the course of a few weeks or months. The emails can be sent on pre-determined dates and automating this process helps you save time. You can get good results with an autoresponder series as long as you focus on creating content that will convert.

Create Evergreen Content

The content you use for your autoresponder series cannot be time-sensitive since these emails will be automatically sent whenever someone subscribes to your email list. Keep time-sensitive offers for your one-time broadcasts and update your autoresponder series if content becomes outdated.

Each Email Should Have A Goal

A good autoresponder series should include emails that have individual goals. You can for instance send a first email to introduce yourself and your brand, send a second email with more details about your product and a third email with some industry insights. Regardless of the topics you choose, each email needs to have a specific goal and cannot cover more than one topic.

Use A Strong Call to Action

Your conversion rate will go up if you use a good call to action. Your autoresponder series can generate a lot of clicks by delivering quality content and by encouraging readers to perform an action to get more content. You can, for instance, encourage recipients to follow a link to your site, watch a video, like your official Facebook page or download an eBook.

Be Brief

Each email should have a specific goal and should be straight to the point. Try keeping your content under 300 words and include a link where readers can find more content. Lengthier emails are not a good way to generate conversions since most recipients will not take the time to read everything and will not see the call to action.

Find The Right Pace

You might find that you get better results by sending a new autoresponder email every couple of days or by sending a new email once a week. The ideal pace depends on your audience and on quickly they move along the purchase funnel. Try running some tests with different groups of recipients to determine which pace generates the most conversions.

Keep The Big Picture In Mind

The primary purpose of an autoresponder series is to educate your target audience. Each email needs to provide valuable information that will bring subscribers closer to figuring out which product they need and how to use it to get the most out of their purchase. Any information that does not help you reach this goal should not be included in your email series.

Adapt Your Strategy To Your Target Audience

You will generate a higher conversion rate once you make a few changes to your autoresponder series in function of what seems to work best for your target audience. The way you address your audience, design your email, write your subject lines or create your call to action needs to be adapted to the behaviors and preferences of your target audience. This is also true of the content you share via email since some groups will prefer reading an article while others would rather watch a video.

Developing a good autoresponder email series is a project that takes time. You need to focus on creating high quality content, be consistent, and address the needs and expectations of your audience. Use tests and analytics to measure your conversion rate and test different types of content, calls to action and timings for your email sequence.

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