Build a Wireless Microphone for your Kodak Zi8 (under $60)

Build a Wireless Microphone for your Kodak Zi8 (under $60)

I absolutely love my Kodak Zi8. One of the reasons I chose the Kodak Zi8 was that it accommodates an external microphone. It turns out that the built in microphone is very high quality, but it’s range is only several feet. If you’re recording puts you any further away or want really great sound, you’ll probably want to use a wireless lapel microphone.

That sounds great, but an entry level wireless microphone system can cost as much as your camera did. You also have to order them online and wait to test them once they arrive.

I decided to see if it was possible to create a battery powered (i.e. portable) wireless microphone system from components that are available locally and for about $60. I also recorded myself while I did it. The result is this three part series where I literally show you every detail.

It turned out to be quite easy to find components and add battery power to them. The down side is that the sound quality isn’t very good and, without some sort of mixer, the audio comes in on only one channel. Aside from that, this is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to build a portable wireless microphone system for your Kodak Zi8.

Remember to leave me a comment telling me what you think and if you used my suggestion.

Part 1, Components and Assembly

Part 2, Testing and Permanent Assembly (AA Batteries)

Part 3, Build 9V Battery Assembly

Happy Recording!

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