Boise code camp membership web site live session

Boise code camp membership web site live session

A few weeks ago I posted a PDF and a write up about how to create a two level membership website.  Tomorrow I’ll be presenting a live one hour session at Boise State University as part of this years Code Camp.  The focus will be membership websites and will extend much of what I wrote in that initial article.

In fact, I’ll be talking about alternative uses for membership websites, including education and online course delivery.  I’ll also cover payment integration methods and advanced autoresponder techniques to promote consumption of content while creating a passive interactive dialog which enables you to engage the most interested members of your community.

While I know this will be a very remote location for most of you, anyone is welcome.  I’ll be presenting at 3:00 pm in the Farnsworth building in room 65.  I’ll also record the session and post it here afterward.  If you have any topics you think I should cover, send me a message.

UPDATE: Here’s the video of that session

Use this link to learn more about the Boise Code Camp.

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