Daniel Watrous is a technology rockstar! I never would have believed that I could end up with a website that got as many as 20,000 page views per day, but that's where I am today. He was the first to suggest that I could turn my passion into a successful website that could make me money. The biggest bonus to working with Daniel is that he knows internet marketing and business just as well as he knows technology. There have been a few times that I hired someone else to do what I thought would be basic tasks, but I usually end up asking Daniel to fix what they broke. I'm not sure why it's so hard to find someone like Daniel, someone that gets the job done right (and fast), but I'm so lucky to have him as my secret weapon. If you can afford him and he has time in his schedule, you'd be a fool not to hire him.

Alison Prince
As a programmer, Daniel is quick to understand the real problem that needs to be solved. What's even better is that his solutions are clear and easy to use. That's a crucial skill for a good programmer who needs to remember that he's creating something to be used by a non-technical user. I suppose the most valuable aspect to Daniel's software is that it's easy for other programmers to see what he's done and extend it. While that might seem like a small thing, it means that a piece of software will deliver years of value, even if it changes hands in between. I highly recommend Daniel's skills and approach. He's one of my top picks for contributing to the core MemberWing engine.

Gleb Esman
Daniel’s Authorize.net plugin is the perfect solution to using merchant services with the Memberwing membership software. This plugin is very easy to use and creating multiple recurring/non-recurring payment buttons is simply a breeze. Anyone needing to use Authorize.net to process payments on a WordPress membership site needs to take a serious look at using the Authorize.net plugin with Memberwing. Daniel’s support was prompt and thorough. I highly recommend this product. As a membership site developer, I will be purchasing this plugin for every client looking to utilize Authorize.net to handle membership payments. The Authorize.net/Memberwing combination is a rock solid platform for using merchant services for every WordPress membership website!

Andrew Hunter
Management Consultant
I’m not easy to impress, but the WP Opt-in Crusher plugin is truly groundbreaking…on my blogs i’m always on the lookout for ways to increase newsletter optins as they dramatically increase sales… this does the job better than any other i’ves seen, I can’t rate it highly enough

Alistair Macpherson
Natural Herb Supplements

I am only too happy to recommend Daniel. His depth of knowledge and understanding of internet marketing is outstanding and the service from Daniel and his team is first class. It seems like I had struggled with so many other web developers to accomplish what I thought would be simple for the right person. It turns out Daniel is the right person and he was able to build a wonderful website that presents me well and is easy for me to use. I challenge my clients to strive to 'Be Extraordinary' whether it is on the sporting field or in the Board Room and the difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra. However, not many know those little extras that are so important and it is all these little differences that make such a BIG difference. Thanks Daniel for being 'extraordinary'.

Dr. Ann Quinn
Dr. Ann Quinn
Online, there is that feeling that no-one should be trusted. Well, i would agree with that. As me personally, have been taken in by most. But Daniel though, i couldn't recommend anyone higher. He promised end of the week he'll be done. I was thinking Sunday as end of the week, but he was finished Friday. If there is anyone, you want to help you out, it is this top bloke, Daniel.

Forget the freelancing sites. Daniel is the man!

I would write more, but i don't think Daniel would give me a full page

George Harnett
George Harnett
avatarFor the last 10 years Daniel has developed key software (and websites) to power my business. But what's more amazing is that he's demonstrated a very keen and insightful aptitude for business, including marketing, accounting and operations. It is precisely that combination of technical expertise and business sense that makes his software so valuable and his services so hard to replace. He's one of the few people (aside from family) that I'll change my schedule to accommodate because I always get more than I bargain for. I trust Daniel with my business and so should you.

Paul Swenson
Colonial Flag
The OptinCrusher is wildly effective, and is successfully helping me show people how to feel good no matter what. It has doubled my ability to share the message. And Daniel goes above and beyond with exceptional technical service. I was astounded. Thank-you SO much for your genius and generosity 🙂

Alchemy Love Joy
I'm not a web designer and I didn't know what exactly to expect when I set up my merchant account. I was about to hire someone to build a custom shopping cart when I found Authorize.net for Wordpress by Daniel Watrous. His WP Plugin made the set up simple giving me the exact solution I needed for my business, and Daniel has done a phenomenal job in answering my questions. I have been so pleased with Daniel's service!

Jared Erni
Learn to Win Trading
I love simple things that work. They look like they are simple because under the hood somebody was thinking hard. OptinCrusher is such a gem and Daniel is such a thinker. His customer care? Waaay beyond anything similar. Excellent!

Marketing Zmagovalcev
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