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How many years of experience do you have?

I’m currently working my way through a great book, Speed of Trust. I discovered the book thanks to a comment made by John Hinshaw in a meeting I attended a few months ago, so I picked up a copy. In the book, Stephen M. R. Covey identifies what he calls the four cores of trust. […]

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Get A Day Job

The gleam and apparent glamor of the internet marketing way of life has created its own host of bewildered onlookers wondering why they can’t make a fortune overnight. The sales letters they read day in and day out clearly explain that it should be possible with “virtually no experience” and on “100% autopilot”. All you […]

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Don’t Waste Your Time With Goals In 2011

I absolutely LOVE the entrepreneurial culture in America. Sure it exists elsewhere, but I seem to remember being saturated by it when I was even just a boy. For example, I loved hearing stories about my Grandpa who started life with next to nothing in a tiny cabin in the hills outside Salt Lake City. […]

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Good sales copy for a non-market

Oh the lure and luster of good sales copy. It’s like anticipating an inheritance or buying a lottery ticket that just ‘has to win’. I’m sure that someone is about to head straight to the comments and tell me that writing good sales copy is scientific and not at all like the lottery. If you […]

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The Good Earth

Pearl S. Buck wrote of a young man Wang Lung, a pre-revolutionary Chinese farmer.  The story begins on his wedding day, but unlike the opulent weddings that our prosperous culture is accustomed to, he woke in a three room stone house where he lived with his aging father.  A small curtain separated his bed from the rest of […]

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The myth of the perfect programmer (or marketer)

Cool looking actor #1: “It’s the pentagon. Do you think we can just walk right in and take whatever documents we want?” Geeky looking actor #2: “Watch me turn this wrigley’s gum wrapper, a AAA battery and some titanium shavings from my laptop case into an instant bypass of this multi-million dollar security system”. Don’t […]

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Semiconductor Device Physics (or a little more about me)

I know this post is a bit off topic, but there are some folks that would like to know a little bit more about my background.  As it turns out I’ve been programming computers since about 1997 (although some of my first programs date back to the late 1980′s). Engineering vs. Programming By the time […]

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PRWeb.com results disappoint

I recently paid the $80 fee and published a press release through PRWeb.com about a program I’m doing with Mr. USA. The results were disappointing, but I’m not sure that PRWeb is entirely to blame. I’ll explain what I was trying to accomplish and some of the things I might have done wrong. You’ll see […]

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3D software box using photoshop and blender

This is going to be a long post, so settle in.  There have been a few times that I’ve wanted to get a picture of a fictitious software box or ebook.  There are  numerous ways to accomplish this, including Photoshop action files, custom software, online services and paying someone to do it.  Well, early this […]

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How to sketch people

One skill in which I’ve always felt horribly deficient is sketching.  In fact, for years I thought I wasn’t creative because most people say creative in reference to artistic ability, not other forms of creativity.  Turns out I can be creative from time to time, but not artistically. That’s really too bad since one of the projects […]

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