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Spend $2000 on Kindle Books

Over the years I’ve ended up following a lot of different internet marketing “experts”. In many cases I’ve learned a lot just by watching the way they launch their products. In a few cases I have gone so far as to purchase some of their products. Overall my success and platform for growth have improved. […]

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Get A Day Job

Get A Day Job

The gleam and apparent glamor of the internet marketing way of life has created its own host of bewildered onlookers wondering why they can’t make a fortune overnight. The sales letters they read day in and day out clearly explain that it should be possible with “virtually no experience” and on “100% autopilot”. All you […]

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Good sales copy for a non-market

Good sales copy for a non-market

Oh the lure and luster of good sales copy. It’s like anticipating an inheritance or buying a lottery ticket that just ‘has to win’. I’m sure that someone is about to head straight to the comments and tell me that writing good sales copy is scientific and not at all like the lottery. If you […]

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The Good Earth

The Good Earth

Pearl S. Buck wrote of a young man Wang Lung, a pre-revolutionary Chinese farmer.  The story begins on his wedding day, but unlike the opulent weddings that our prosperous culture is accustomed to, he woke in a three room stone house where he lived with his aging father.  A small curtain separated his bed from the rest of […]

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Where's your tribe

Where’s your tribe

I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin last night. I learned a lot from it, but I think I could have learned a lot more. The book felt disjointed. In my opinion, the last third of the book provided the most value. What I most liked about this book was that it encouraged me […]

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