Free Content Spinner for SEO

The Free content spinner is an article spinning tool to enable reuse of SEO content across various sites. When used properly it can enable make unique articles that are human readable and high value for use on article and other social sites. It is written in Python and deployed on Google App Engine framework. Authentication is integrated with Google Accounts for easy access with no registration process. Give it a try yourself:

Easy Software Licensing

Easy Software Licensing is my first SaaS product. It’s a RESTful API targeting software developers that would like to protect their software with licensing. It’s a language agnostic approach with open libraries available on github. Affordable monthly pricing and a free tier make it easy to get started and ramp up. This is the first SSL site that I’ve secured using Server Name Indication (SNI). The front end is WordPress and the RESTful API is written in python bottle with MongoDB as the datastore.

Understanding Mitt Romney

During the 2012 election cycle, I decided to add my voice to the public discussion in favor of Mitt Romney. WordPress made a natural choice and an Elegant Theme made it look fantastic. I found ample stock photography on the mittromney flicker stream. All that was left was to produce the content. Quick integration with Facebook and other social media venues helped increase my reach and provided an optin mechanism for visitors to the site.

All Things Grandma

I love this site because it looks awesome and because it belongs to my Mother. She was wary of WordPress in the beginning, but after setting up this site for her, she quickly mastered it. The choice of theme was meant to highlight the high quality photography she took. Today she has three other websites in addition to this one.

Simple Credit Card Payments

As a follow on to my popular for WordPress plugin, I created a clone site Two drivers for this clone include a more generalized offering for people that may not know they can use WordPress for credit card collections and an affiliate program that I can promote. The entire setup, including SSL and a modified sales letter, took only a couple of days.


The optincrusher is an extremely popular optin tool that integrates with popular email providers, like Aweber, iContact, ConstantContact, MailChimp, etc. It’s genius is in its ability to get the attention of a site visitor without interrupting what he happens to be reading. Installation takes only a few minutes and there are dozens of look and feel options that allow personalization. Thousands of webmasters have downloaded the software, with 400 more downloading it every month. Learn more about optincrusher.

WordPress Membership University

WordPress Membership University is membership offering that I developed for clients and as a stand alone offering. The impetus behind this project are the many membership websites I build for clients. I found that there was a need to combine an understanding of effective marketing with the structure of a membership offering. There’s also a need to provide clear, step by step video instruction which illustrates the use and maintenance of a membership website. This project makes use of the MemberWing membership plugin, Prezi presentation software and Camtasia screen capture video (among other custom plugins I developed for it). I’ve also established a foundation of good SEO and social integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Visit WordPress Membership Univeristy


The HowDoesShe project began as I suggested to a friend that she create a website to show off her amazing craft skills. Within months it became a partnership of three talented women and the site quickly grew to 10,000 to 20,000 page views per day. The reliable WordPress core engine provided them with flexibility to achieve the look and functionality they wanted. As traffic to the site grew we moved them into the cloud to ensure the mountain of visitors always had a quick page load. Careful integration of email list building and ad management technologies (not to mention on page social media) have pushed their reach now over 13,000 subscribers and stabilized their revenue. With less than a year under their belts they now boast regular TV spots and plenty of deal flow.

Visit HowDoesShe? for WordPress for WordPress brings credit card processing capability to WordPress using the world’s #1 payment gateway. Transaction types include one-time, recurring, trial and any combination of those types. The flexible design provides for easy creation of new Buy links and provides a one page FAST checkout that can be themed as a WordPress page. My for WordPress plugin accommodates WordPress membership websites and stand alone use. Get more details about using the link below. for WordPress

Dr. Ann Quinn

Dr. Ann Quinn approached us to developer her personal branded website. The resulting 312 page website effectively establishes her authority as a speaker, coach and overall expert in her field. The website is built on top of the rock solid WordPress 3 platform which enables Dr. Quinn to easily add content to her blog and update the Press and Quotes sections on her own. Graphic design for the site was accomplished using a customized premium theme. The integration of the optincrusher and a focus on her commercial offerings, which include a book and coaching survey, provide her with a growing following.

View Dr. Quinn’s website

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