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Member Master plugin logos from Fiverr

About a year ago I purchased a PLR WordPress membership plugin. PLR stands for private label rights, and it gave me the ability to sell the software on my own. As you might expect, the software wasn’t top notch, so I redesigned it and started selling it on my WordPress Membership University site. It’s been […]

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Build a Wireless Microphone for your Kodak Zi8 (under $60)

I absolutely love my Kodak Zi8. One of the reasons I chose the Kodak Zi8 was that it accommodates an external microphone. It turns out that the built in microphone is very high quality, but it’s range is only several feet. If you’re recording puts you any further away or want really great sound, you’ll […]

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HTML5 Video for WordPress

UPDATE [9/1/2011]: This plugin is now available for download. Get details and training at I’ve built a lot of membership websites in WordPress, and perhaps the most frustrating part is getting the video right. Video is one of the key components to communicating with your members. In fact, video should be used throughout the […]

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Email list segmentation

As marketer I’ve grown in my appreciation for the value of segmenting the contacts that are added to my email lists. In fact, just last week I created a very sophisticated email list segmentation framework for MemberWing to ensure that my membership websites can accommodate the sales funnel and user customization that I know will […]

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iContact, integrated email and survey service

[UPDATE: read below to get free software] I recently developed a tool to increase the optin rate on my websites (and for my clients). During development I got to work with nearly all of the major email service providers. While many of them are very strong and offer some clever tools to make marketers more […]

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Optincrusher installation and customization webcast

I recently released some software to all my subscribers. It’s an optin footer that greatly increases the optin rate for your website. In order to help people get maximum benefit from the footer, I held a webcast and installed it for a few websites, including customizations to make it fit with the website. The reason […]

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How to backup your WordPress blog

So you want to backup your WordPress blog. I suppose you heard someone say that you should. Hopefully you’re not someone who just suffered the crushing blow of losing your life’s work, your Magnum Opus. Whatever your scenario (and I really hope you’re doing this before things go south), I’m going to show you the […]

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The myth of the perfect programmer (or marketer)

Cool looking actor #1: “It’s the pentagon. Do you think we can just walk right in and take whatever documents we want?” Geeky looking actor #2: “Watch me turn this wrigley’s gum wrapper, a AAA battery and some titanium shavings from my laptop case into an instant bypass of this multi-million dollar security system”. Don’t […]

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Thesis Theme for WordPress

Among premium WordPress themes, Thesis is one of the best I’ve seen. Thesis looks clean and professional right out of the box.  But what really sets Thesis apart from the others is its focus on my four pillars of good theme design; seo, speed, usability and productivity. SEO I’ve discussed these criteria in a previous […]

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Best Free WordPress Themes

The other day I wrote this post about WordPress themes. Today I wanted to mention three themes that appear to meet all the criteria for a quality theme and are free.  All three look great, but the only one I’ve tested in an SEO capacity is the first one.  Each of these themes has been […]

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