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Two Seductive Illusions

One of the books I’m currently reading is a biography on George Washington (His Excellency). In it, the author points out something that I think captured a pure, unfiltered glimpse into humanity. I always pause when I see that glimmer of raw humanity because it almost always applies to more of life than the small […]

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Where’s your tribe

I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin last night. I learned a lot from it, but I think I could have learned a lot more. The book felt disjointed. In my opinion, the last third of the book provided the most value. What I most liked about this book was that it encouraged me […]

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The myth of the perfect programmer (or marketer)

Cool looking actor #1: “It’s the pentagon. Do you think we can just walk right in and take whatever documents we want?” Geeky looking actor #2: “Watch me turn this wrigley’s gum wrapper, a AAA battery and some titanium shavings from my laptop case into an instant bypass of this multi-million dollar security system”. Don’t […]

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Thesis Theme for WordPress

Among premium WordPress themes, Thesis is one of the best I’ve seen. Thesis looks clean and professional right out of the box.  But what really sets Thesis apart from the others is its focus on my four pillars of good theme design; seo, speed, usability and productivity. SEO I’ve discussed these criteria in a previous […]

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The ABCs of natural niche ascension

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In every niche there exists a hierarchy of voices competing for the attention of the people that subscribe to that niche. Within that hierarchy there’s a very natural positioning that occurs. Quite often (and not surprisingly) this positioning favors the individuals that have the most seniority in that niche. That seniority and positioning isn’t always […]

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Why you don’t ever need FTP again

I sat down to write this post about FTP and figured I would make a video about how to do it. But like any good (lazy) engineer, I went first to see what I could find on youtube.  All the videos sucked.  That’s not because they didn’t show you how to FTP. Instead it’s because […]

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What is a WordPress Theme

A theme in WordPress is what what determines how the blog looks to visitors. As I describe what themes are and how you can make the best use of them it will be helpful to understand that nearly every website has three parts which are: Logic Design Content A theme has very little (ideally nothing) […]

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Why NOT to have an e-commerce website

This post talks specifically to established business owners and aims to explain the principle differences between two types of website. They are e-commerce vs. authority (or identity). The reason I’m writing this is that most established business owners have one thing on their mind: “How can I increase revenue?” How can I increase revenue? Of […]

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Increase the perceived value of your eBook

eBooks have long been a popular and effective way to deliver information to a target market. However, one disadvantage to producing an eBook (especially as a PDF) is that they have a very low perceived value.  One reason for this is that most people assign value based on cost of duplication rather than value of […]

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Stop trying to win the Feature Race

We live in an age where we think that computers can do anything.  In some ways that’s not too far off.  We’ve begun to outsource much of our lives and internal processing power to computers that keep track of where we are, who’s important to us, and even what we should do to stay healthy. […]

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