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Don’t Waste Your Time With Goals In 2011

I absolutely LOVE the entrepreneurial culture in America. Sure it exists elsewhere, but I seem to remember being saturated by it when I was even just a boy. For example, I loved hearing stories about my Grandpa who started life with next to nothing in a tiny cabin in the hills outside Salt Lake City. […]

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Thoughts on croud-sourced logo design

The following fragments come from a conversation with a client who was using 99designs to produce a logo for her website. I thought they would be useful and instructive. Hopefully my designer friends will chime in and tell me if my advice was sensible, but the most important part in my view was the opportunity […]

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Where’s your tribe

I just finished reading Tribes by Seth Godin last night. I learned a lot from it, but I think I could have learned a lot more. The book felt disjointed. In my opinion, the last third of the book provided the most value. What I most liked about this book was that it encouraged me […]

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The story of good web design

So I just posted about the myth of the perfect web developer and then I saw this story of iterative web design. It’s so true it hurts! In fact, it was so painful that I wanted to point out that giving a good, qualified web developer or designer the flexibility and resources to go through […]

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The myth of the perfect programmer (or marketer)

Cool looking actor #1: “It’s the pentagon. Do you think we can just walk right in and take whatever documents we want?” Geeky looking actor #2: “Watch me turn this wrigley’s gum wrapper, a AAA battery and some titanium shavings from my laptop case into an instant bypass of this multi-million dollar security system”. Don’t […]

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Please build my website for Free

I’m working on a report that teaches you how to hire out web development. While working on it I remembered a video I saw a while back that offers perspective on the give and take in a client/vendor service relationship. Here it is: It’s pretty clear, based on the awkwardness of these situations, that asking […]

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Why NOT to have an e-commerce website

This post talks specifically to established business owners and aims to explain the principle differences between two types of website. They are e-commerce vs. authority (or identity). The reason I’m writing this is that most established business owners have one thing on their mind: “How can I increase revenue?” How can I increase revenue? Of […]

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I hope all my clients read this

It’s hard to say that number of times that I’ve told my clients to choose strong passwords.  No matter how many times I do, it’s just hard work to choose good passwords because they’re so hard to remember.  Well, as a  reminder to them I wanted to point out a great article I read about […]

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Outsourcing Expertise aka: The Big Web Blunder

In the spring of 2000 I cut my teeth in web “programming” when I built At the time I was working for a prestigious ad agency in Salt Lake City (DSW or EURO RSCG DSW Partners). I began working under another developer since it was the first time I had ever written any software […]

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